Unit Organization

Virtual United States Army Aviation
Modification Table of Organization and Equipment

101st Combat Aviation Brigade
Commander - VACANT - R2000
Exec Officer - VACANT - R2001
Callsign - R20xx
2nd Squadron / 17th Cavalry Regiment
UH-1C/H Iroquois
Commander - VACANT - R8000
Callsign - R80xx
1st Battalion / 101st Aviation Regiment
AH-64D/E Apache
Commander - VACANT - R5000
Callsign - R50xx
5th Battalion / 101st Aviation Regiment
UH-60L/M Blackhawk
Commander - VACANT - R7000
Callsign - R70xx
6th Battalion / 101st Aviation Regiment
CH-47M Chinook
Commander - VACANT - R6000
Callsign - R60xx
224th Military Intelligence Battalion
RC-12 Guardrail
Commander - VACANT - R9000
Callsign - R90xx
USAPAT (Priority Air Transport)
C-12A Huron / UC-35A Citation Ultra / C-37A Gulfstream V
Commander - VACANT - R3000
Callsign - R30xx
1st Aviation Brigade (TRADOC)
TH-67 Creek / T-41 Mascalero
Commander - vBG Kristof Maes - R4000
Exec Officer - VACANT - R4001
Callsign - R4xxx

Neither the Department of the Army, nor any other component of the Department of Defense or Federal Government has approved, endorsed, or authorized this promotion, activity, or organization. Virtual United States Army Aviation organization is in no way affiliated with the Department of Defense, Department of the Army, or any other federal or government entity. Virtual United States Army Aviation is a group of flight simulation enthusiasts with the common interest of promoting enjoyment and cameraderie through the simulation of military operations and procedures utilizing several flight simulation platforms.

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