Jason Anderson

Founder / Chief of Staff

I have been a flight simulation enthusiast for nearly 25 years.  I have fond memories of the very first Microsoft Flight Simulator and the "ever-friendly" environment of the dot-matrix "Downtown Chicago" with Meigs Field.  As flight simming has progressed, so has my passion for all things aviation related.  I only recently managed to join the realm of online flight simulation in 2013.  Until then, I was a solo "artist".  I currently hold a P1 pilot rating with VATSIM, and I have managed to teach myself VORs, NDBs, reading charts, and radio brevity.    

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Emergency Management from West Texas A&M University, and I am currently pursuing my Masters' Degree in Public Administration from Sam Houston State University.

I am a real-world prior service veteran of the United States Army, serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2004-2005.  I currently reside in Abilene, TX, with my wife, Heather.  Employed by the City of Abilene, I serve as a Firefighter/Paramedic.  In my free time, I enjoy training and playing with my dog Sophie, amateur photography, and woodworking.  


Mike Shortle

Founder / Vice Chief of Staff

I began flying flight simulators with the Sublogic system as a young child.  The love for aviation has never left.  As an adult, I earned my Private Pilots License and have flown many hours with friends and family sitting in the right seat.  My simulator time has been spent flying mostly General Aviation and Military Aircraft. 

Dan Jones

Operations (G3)

I started on flight simulators with the first versions of Microsoft Flight Simulator and Meigs Field near Chicago.  After a long break, I resumed my flight simulation hobby approximately 8 years ago.  My interest in helicopter aviation goes back even further and started with my service in the United States Army.  Having served with the 1st Airborne Ranger Battalion at Fort Stewart, GA, our primary mode of transportation was the UH-1 "Huey".  I planned to attend the Army flight school upon completion of my second tour with the Rangers but was not accepted due to being color blind.  So life took me down another road.

I hold a Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Geophysics from the University of Kentucky.  I was fortunate and spent a portion of my professional career in the helicopter aviation industry serving as a flight test engineer for many years.  After a very rewarding career, I'm currently in the planning stages for retirement now and looking forward to turning the page and opening the best chapter in my life.

I live in the Northern Alabama area with my wife Pam, our 3 beagles (Otis, Tater, and Tag) and 2 cats (Sunny and Rainy). When I'm not on my flight simulator or planning the next vUSAA training mission, you can typically find me at my tying bench working on new fly patterns or out on a trout stream fly fishing in Tennessee or Georgia.  Another hobby and passion of mine for well over 40 years.

Jimm Csuhaj

Personnel (G1)

I have been flying FSX on Vatsim for the past 10+ years,  starting out in a C130, then moved to the C17 and now in an H60. At times I will also fly the CH53,  I have become familiar with many maps and programs over the years. I'm always looking for what will fit best in missions I fly or that give the most realistic view and feel. I'm always here to promote the new pilots coming in and assist where I can. I'm most time around early in the morning to late at night for questions or concerns, and I want to hear your ideas. What can we as a group do to build the organization stronger and better?  Is there  new software out there?  Let me know.  Feel free to email or message me any time.


Events (G5)


Signal / Website Development (G6)

David Tomlinson

FORSCOM Commander

Bio coming soon!

Kristof Maes

TRADOC Commander

BIO Coming Soon!

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