Virtual United States Army Aviation


Enlistment Rules

The Virtual United States Army Aviation organization is intended to be an environment of fun and action, while also simulating the structure of the U.S. Army’s aviation branch.  Members who apply must be at least 16 years of age and have a valid active VATSIM ID.   Training will consist of a brief but thorough curriculum designed to increase your piloting skills in rotor aircraft, as well as acclimate you to the military style of virtual airline structure. 
After Initial Entry Training, each pilot is required to fly at least 2 flights per month, totaling at least 3 hours in duration combined.  They are more than welcome to fly more, but this will be the minimum.   
If minimum flight requirements are not met, the member will receive a warning message from Personnel (G1).  The pilot will then have 30 days to return to regular status.  Two consecutive months of not meeting minimum flights will result in the pilot being placed on inactive status.  To regain active status, the member must notify G1 and explain the situation.  Leaves of Absence are allowed and encouraged if you foresee not being able to maintain minimum requirements within a given month.  LOAs will be assigned in 30 day increments.  Pilots in the Training pipeline will not be granted LOA, nor those who have been marked as inactive. 
Flying online using a VATSIM client is HIGHLY encouraged, though not required.  There may also be times where several pilots will utilize JoinFS or another server-side application that allows joint flights on an isolated network.   All flights will need to be made utilizing the SIMACARS program as much as possible.  Manual PIREPS are allowed but should be minimized due to the inability for the AirStaff to validate those flights consistently. 
Due to the professional nature of a simulated military environment, applicants must be at least 18 years of age at the time of enlistment,  
Communication with the Chain of Command is paramount to the success of this organization.  Internal communications may be conducted through either Discord Server channels, through the internal Mail system on the website, or through personal external email. 
Due to our affiliation with VATSIM, and the Special Operations Division of VATSIM, all members will be required to complete Initial Entry Training prior to being assigned their requested airframe. Upon acceptance, the full Policy Manual will be available for Download from the Pilot Center.  

The vUSAA is committed to your privacy and protection and therefore has completed requirements for the European GPDR Privacy law effective May 2018.  The document is linked below.


vUSAA GPDR Privacy Policy