Virtual United States Army Aviation


NOTAM NameNew Look! New Attitude!
NOTAM Creation Date2020-05-11


I have been diligently at work over the last several days giving our site a facelift.  It was very much needed and I think this new look can bring a fresh outlook on our organization going forward.  Many of the elements look similar to our old platform.  As we move forward I intend to give the rest of the site a fresh "coat of paint" if you will.  As you go about your business, if you see any links broken, any text unreadable, or is otherwise not formatted correctly, please let me know and I will get right to work on it.  

I want to thank Mario Alves for his contributions in the graphics department.  We have a whole new set of rank insignia due to his efforts and expertise.  

This is just the beginning.  I am working on several other modules in the background and hopefully we will have some exciting new information to share in the coming months.  Stay tuned!


Left skid low...

- Burner