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Welcome to the home of Virtual United States Army Aviation.  Established in October of 2017, we are a venture designed to simulate the aviation branch of the United States Army.  We invite you to join us and become part of an amazing opportunity to expand and promote this unique facet of our hobby.  Utilizing Microsoft Flight Simulator X, FSX Steam, Prepar3d, and X-Plane, pilots can immerse themselves in a world of military aviation that builds on the already flourishing flight sim community.  We are a certified Virtual Special Operations Organization with VATSIM and participate alongside other VSO organizations in organized military exercises.  

Within the technical limitations of virtual flight simulation, we aim to recreate the world of US Army aviation to include Attack, Reconnaissance, Heavy Lift, Utility, and Fixed Wing.

We are certain you will find an enjoyable environment and that you find your experience here rewarding.

Thank you for taking an interest in us.  We look forward to flying with you.


vGEN Jason "Burner" Anderson
Chief of Staff


 Ostatnie loty

CallsignPilotOdlotPrzylotDataDługość lotu
R4001Kristof Maes  KDHN  KADW February-21-2019 01:33
R1000Jason Anderson  KSKF  KADW February-19-2019 03:04
R4001Kristof Maes  KDHN  KDHN February-18-2019 00:11
R1006David Tomlinson  KHOP  KHOP February-18-2019 01:30
R1003Dan Jones  KVPS  KOZR February-17-2019 00:30

 Nowi Piloci

R4006-Matt LovichFebruary-05-2019
R3008-Brad NewmanDecember-26-2018
R4008-Mauricus GaddesOctober-28-2018
R4001-Kristof MaesSeptember-19-2018
R3007-Steven MalyukSeptember-01-2018


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Neither the Department of the Army, nor any other component of the Department of Defense or Federal Government has approved, endorsed, or authorized this promotion, activity, or organization. Virtual United States Army Aviation organization is in no way affiliated with the Department of Defense, Department of the Army, or any other federal or government entity. Virtual United States Army Aviation is a group of flight simulation enthusiasts with the common interest of promoting enjoyment and cameraderie through the simulation of military operations and procedures utilizing several flight simulation platforms.

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