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Pilot's 201 File


Jason Anderson

Chief of Staff




Service Record

  • 04/23/2020 - Successful Completion of Operation Winter Wings 2020
  • 02/16/2020 - Awarded the Armed Forces Service Award for Red Flag Nellis 2019
  • 07/19/2019 - Awarded Overseas Service Ribbon for successful completion of Operation Task Force Alliance
  • 03/27/2019 - Endorsement (2019 SAR) - Seach and Rescue Advanced Training Qualification - UH60
  • 03/12/2019 - Endorsement (HAATS) - Helicopter (UH-60) High Altitude, Low Power, Degraded Environments
  • 12/13/2018 - LOA terminates, returned to Active Duty
  • 10/31/2018 - Entered into LOA, estimated date of return is 12/12/2018.
  • 10/06/2018 - Awarded the Good Conduct Medal for 1 year of faithful service
  • 09/27/2018 - Awarded the Humanitarian Service Medal for performance in support of Hurricane Florence Relief
  • 07/17/2018 - Awarded the Humanitarian Service Medal for performance in support of Task Force Hawaii Volcano
  • 10/07/2017 - Awarded Master Instructor Ribbon
  • 10/07/2017 - Awarded National Defense Service Medal (5th Award)
  • 10/07/2017 - Awarded Master Aviator Wings
  • 10/07/2017 - Promoted to vGEN and appointed Chief of Staff
  • 10/07/2017 - Enlisted with vUSAA

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